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Nnogo, Sunny & Joseph Okougbo

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Infinity Music




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A popular Nigerian group made up of Kehinde Akinbode, Joe Okougbo, David Thomas, Samson Nnogo and Sunny Steve. Their breakthrough was debut album ‘Olori Oko’, which was their third attempt to release a disc. The video for the song ‘Olori Oko’ topped numerous categories at the 2007 Nigerian Music Video Awards.



Now infinity is a group, of 3 young men; Nnogo Samson, Sunny Steven & Joseph Okougbo, drawn to each other by their passion for music. INFINITY, bridging the extremity between art & Spirit.


Since they came out with their hit track, Olori Oko, Infinity, a group made up of Kehinde Akinbode, Joe Okougbo, David Thomas, Samson Nnogo and Sunny Steve, has become a musical sensation. The group won the best video award at the recently held Nigeria Music Award.

The Olori Oko song has somewhat become an anthem. It looks as if the young guys have ‘arrived,’ such that many may not know that these guys faced a lot of challenges before they were able to get to this height. Many may even think they never had it rough in life to get to this stage.

But in a chat with Spectacles, a member of the group, Kehinde Akinbode revealed that climbing to this height was not like eating bread and butter.

Recounting how the group started, Akinbode said they met in high school - Lagos African Church Grammar School, Ifako-Ijaye. They were just four of them in the group, before Sunny Steve, joined them.

But Sunny’s cooption into the group was a blessing, Kehinde disclosed.

“He was one of the music directors at an inter-denominational church service. We just struck it up as soon as we met, and with time, he became very useful to the team. Prior to that time, we were known more for acapella. But with Sanni’s inclusion in the team, we started doing more of instrumental and dance songs and all that.”

The Infinity guys were members of one fellowship in school. Before then, Kehinde said, the fellowship was not vibrant and they needed to make people come for the fellowship. Since they have good vocal chords, they decided to use their talent to bring people closer to God.

“Samson was the president of the fellowship, while the remaining three of us, excluding Sunny, were exco members of the fellowship. We were looking for something to make the fellowship very vibrant. So our passion for music became the tool to make that happen. And it worked.”

Indeed, it worked. Kehinde said that those days, many youths ran away from church because they felt it was not fun to be a Christian. So, seeing these young guys doing good music and having fun was enough to draw them.

It didn’t come as a surprise that their fame started going beyond the school. Not long after, they started receiving invitation from outside the school. As if that was not enough, people started asking for their album.

“People started asking us for our album. We were amazed! We asked ourselves, ‘You mean we are this good?’ Each time, we started adjusting to the vision and we were evolving as time went on. Certain things had to leave, and certain things had to come in. And by God’s grace, we are where we are today.”

Some might say that secular music is the bomb and it is more profitable than gospel music, but the Infinity group feels otherwise. Nothing can make them change to secular music.”

Kehinde said, “No way! We are strictly gospel, professionally gospel. It is gospel, gospel, and gospel all the way.

Though Infinity is synonymous with Olori Oko, Kehinde confessed that that was not their first attempt whilst trying to go professional.

“Olori oko is actually our third attempt at recording and maintaining an album. Our first attempt was an album we titled Jesus Knows. But the technical hand was not too right, it was a nice song, but technically deficient.

“We did not release it, but we printed some copies. The technical standard was not just there, so we pulled it out. It was never released. The title track of that first attempt is in Olori oko. The second album we attempted to do, we actually got it through but we had clashes with the sponsors and there was a lot of controversy. So that too, was not released. So it was Olori Oko, our third attempt, that finally became our debut album.”

When things were not working well for them, when it looked as if all hopes were lost, the group members did not despair. Rather, with their strong belief in their God and in their talent, they forged ahead.

“Believe you me, as Christians we have been prepared for challenges. We have always known that we would face some turbulent times.The Bible says the Kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent men take it by force. The Bible also tells us that we have to fight the battle of faith.

“But you know, sometimes, these things are easier said than done, especially for a group of young persons who have options. And I can tell you we had alternatives. Some of us could go to schools outside of Lagos and just pack it up, but somehow, because of the mutual love we all have for God, we just persisted. We have had challenges, we quarrelled, we fought, we disagreed, sometimes we got so upset, we felt like packing it up many times. We felt like going to do something else when it seems nobody was appreciating us. There was that period when the church was not really appreciating us, and we thought of going for the alternative, but somehow, God kept us.”

Today they are together and people love them, but can we bet they wont break up in future like some groups have done all over the world, Spectacles asked.

“I think the restraining factor for my group, and I must be sincere with you (we are men with passion with our weaknesses and frailties), is the love for God. These guys love God. So that holds us back. Sometimes you want to do certain things, and you ask yourself what will God think about me now? And that is working for us. Nothing can break us.”

Since they get invited to almost every and any event, it is expected that their bank accounts are fat.

To that Kehinde said, “Honestly, God has been very faithful. Anytime I have the opportunity, I say it boldly, Infinity has been highly favoured. It is a great favour, great grace, great blessing. You know, little things like this and it explodes. We have been having tremendous response. Already we have favour within the government circle. We have been receiving invitation to perform at government functions, and I think that is a real step ahead for gospel music. We are representing Christ at that high quarters.”

As for the video that won them the award, Kehinde agreed it was complex, but that was deliberate.

“The concept is very deliberate and I know it has raised some questions. People have raised issues with the guy who braided his hair, and then the cat which many people see as a symbol of witchcraft. But in reality, our motto is bridging the extremity between art and spirit. Often times, we have heard people say, listen to the voice, and don’t listen to the lyrics. Where we could put excellence, we rely entirely upon the spirit. We know that there is a place for excellence, there is a place for hard work and there is a place for creativity. That is what we are trying to do, being very creative.”

Kehinde further explained, “The song Olori oko si mbo borders on the events in the book of Revelation. In that book, allegorical symbols were used depicting higher being. The guy with plaited hair is a symbol of a subjective being. Wearing the suit there is supposed to symbolize the western culture. The local dress of the other people symbolises Africa and the men with the beads represent the esoteric beings, all of them are agitating, rejoicing for the coming of the Messiah. Somebody had argued that the cat is a symbol of witchcraft. But we say God created all animals and He saw that they are good. And I believe that the cat was among them. The cat was good in the sight of God; and before the witch cult started using it as a symbol, the cat had existed. So don’t let us throw away the baby with the bath water. Let us save the cat from the witches and wizards, let us see it as an art of God’s creation.”



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    Olori Oko

    Released in 2007

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    Beyond Infinity

    Released in 2013

    Produced by Infinity Music


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