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    10 Song uploads

    Free EPK

    1 url domain

    100 call cards

  • Silver

    Unlimited Song uploads

    Free EPK + Edit

    1 url domain

    1 Email

    500 call cards

    P referred Package

  • Gold

    Unlimited Song uploads

    Free EPK + Edit

    1 url domain

    3 Emails

    6 Months Social Media Promo

    2000 call cards

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    Unlimited Song uploads

    Free EPK + Edit

    1 url domain

    Unlimited Emails

    Custom Website

    Editor Choice (Blogs)

    1 Year Social Media Promo

    10,000 call cards

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  • 1. What is an AFROBIOS EPK Solution?

    EPK, stands for Electronic Press Kit, an EPK is a fairly new and innovative way to brand your self and your music. By creating an electronic portfolio to display all off your work and biographical background while saving time, money and technical know-how. In an essence you allow your fans to have complete access to fact-based information at just a click of the mouse. Your AFROBIOS EPK now also makes it easy for any artist to grow their Social media following and communicate directly with fans.

  • 2. Do I get a website?

    Only Diamond users can get websites for now. What every other user gets is a very detailed AFROBIOS EPK page with a personal url e.g. this personal url automatically redirects to the artist personal EPK page which provides a portfolio of the artist content.

  • 3. What if my desired URL doesn’t exist?

    We encourage all users to check and verify the availability of their desired domain if not an AFROBIOS representative will contact you via email or phone and walk you through getting a unique URL that will best suit your brand and identity.

  • 4. What is the mode of payment for the EPK PACKAGE?

    We currently accept PayPalOnline and Direct Bank Deposit.

  • 5. After payment how long will it take for my EPK to go live?

    The artist EPK goes live 48hrs after the necessary information’s have been provided.

  • 6. How long will my call card take to deliver to Nigeria?

    The call card delivers to respective all African countries within 14 working days however faster delivery is available if the client chooses that option an additional cost will be included.

  • 7. Will I have the login to my domain?

    No you will not have access to the backend of our servers.However, if you wish to build a personal website outside of AFROBIOSwe will be more than happy to forward your url domain to your personal server for FREE.

  • 8. What if I exhaust my call cards?

    Call cards are available upon request; we will provide you with cost of any additional call cards for any quantity requested and have them shipped directly to you.

  • 9. What if my domain expires?

    We will contact you 3 months prior to the expiration date notifyingyou about your renewal options.If we do not receive a response your url domain will automatically be disconnected.

  • 10. Can I have a customised email address too?

    Yes of course only AFROBIOS SILVER EPK Clients and up get customised email address or

  • 11. What’s the benefit of the EPK?

    As previously noted an EPK saves the artist time, money, and technical knowledge. In addition an EPK acts as a back up storage facility to keep your entire portfolio in one place. Do you have a potential client or gig that you are trying to obtain?The EPK is also a digital resume. With our professional layouts and web designs you will be sure to attract the right people to help grow your brand. Lastly as it is quite difficult at times for fans to reach out, communicate, and view all music content including videos here is an easy way to keep in touch and update them about the latest singles and albums.